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Persona di contatto : Fang
Numero di telefono : 86-21-54613487
WhatsApp : +8618616883327

5000RPM 10MΩ 100mA 20N Axle 10mm Incremental Encoder

Luogo di origine Shanghai, Cina
Certificazione CE,ISO9001
Quantità di ordine minimo codificatore 1pcs per iniziare ordine
Prezzo negotiable
Imballaggi particolari ciascuno 1 pezzo è stato imballato nel singolo contenitore di cartone
Tempi di consegna 3-5 giorni lavorativi per ordine del campione, 7-15 giorni lavorativi per ordine di massa
Termini di pagamento D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union, carta di credito, Master Card, Paypal, ecc
Capacità di alimentazione pezzi 100K all'anno
Tipo del codificatore Codificatore incrementale Diametro esterno 50mm
Spessore 30mm Dimensione dell'installazione R27.5mm, R30mm, R34.5mm
Umanità ambientale Funzionamento e stoccaggio: 35~85%RH (senza condensazione) Consumo corrente 100mA MAX
Carico di asse Radiel: 40N; Assiale: 20N Giro superiore 5000RPM; IP65≤3000r RPM
Forza dell'isolamento AC500V 60s Resistenza di isolamento 10MΩ

Axle 10mm Incremental Encoder


10MΩ Incremental Encoder


5000RPM High Resolution Rotary Encoder

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Descrizione di prodotto

8192 resolution open-collector output incremental encoder diameter of axle 10mm K50


Encoder Characteristics

Hollow shaft diameter:8mm, 10mm, 12mm; 14mm; 15mm

Resolution :50;60;66;100;200;250;256;300;360;400;450;500;512;600; 700;720;800;900;1000;1024;1200;2000;2048;2500;5000; 8192;10000;16384;23040

Consumption current:100mA Max

Bearing life:1.5x109 revs at rated load (100000hrs at 2500RPM)

Shaft Material:Stainless steel

Shell Material:Die cast aluminum

Protection grade:IP50; IP65


Parameter table

Items Basic parameters
Encoder type Incremental encoder
External diameter 50mm
Thickness 30mm
Installation dimension R27.5mm,R30mm, R34.5mm
Output mode NPN/PNP(Open Collector Output)
  Voltage output
  Push-pull output
  Long line drive (26LS31)
  Compatible RS422
  Long line drive (RT7272)
Environmental temperature Operating temperature: -20~+90°
  Storage temperature: -25~+100°
Environmental humanity Operating and storage: 35~85%RH (non-condensing)
Shell Die cast aluminum
Consumption current 100mA Max
Shaft Load Radiel: 40N; Axial:20N
Top REV 5000RPM ;IP65≤3000r rpm
Insulation strength AC500V 60s
Insulation resistance 10MΩ
package Carton box
Net weight About 140g (with package)
Certification CE



Technical Theory

Mechanical degree is the actual rotation of the shaft in degrees. Electrical degree is used for electrical signals. The required time for completing one alternating voltage/current cycle is defined as 360 electrical degrees (el°). For incremental encoders, one cycle is equal to one complete pulse. With a given PPR the electrical degree can be converted to mechanical degree for any incremental encoder.

Every 90 el° the incremental encoder outputs a rising or falling edge on the “A” or “B” output that can be interpreted as a count. If an encoder outputs 1000 PPR, a counter can interpret 4000 counts (4 counts each pulse).

The phase angle states the length between 2 edges, given in el°. This parameter is typically specified with a defined constant phase angle value and phase angle error (also called quadrature error).



Each single encoder is packed into a single safe carton with protecting bubble.

Then all encoders will be put into a bigger carton to prepare shipment.


Payment terms

1. T/T, western union, credit card, Paypal, etc

2. 3-5 working days after payment received

3. Encoders will be shipped once ready


About our factory

1. Own brand of "HENGXIANG" encoder

2. Has ISO9001:2000 Quality Management System Certificate and CE Certification

3. Invention patents five and utility model patents five

4. Passed Shanghai New and High-tech Achievements Transformation Project.

5. Our target: Meeting Client's Requirement,Creating Social value,serving clients attentively and Achieving win-win.

6. Located in Shanghai city

7. 20-30 experienced workers


About Encoder Vibration

Vibration acting on an encoder always cause wrong pulse easily.

So we have to pay more attention to encoder working place.

The more pulse per round, the narrower groovy spacing of grating, ore effect to encoder by vibration, when motor speed is low or even stopped, vibration acting on encoder shaft or encoder shell would cause grating vibration, in this way, encoder might show wrong pulse signal.